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Medicare and Dermatology

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Medicare and Dermatology Did you know that Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage plans can cover some dermatology services? If your condition is medically necessary, Part B will cover doctor services relating to evaluating, diagnosing, or treating skin conditions. Medicare will not cover cosmetic treatments, and it will only cover skin cancer screenings if you are showing symptoms. How much …

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Can We Treat Mental Illness with LSD?

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Can We Treat Mental Illness with LSD? Did you know that LSD was originally created as a blood stimulant? That’s right, it was never intended to be used as a psychedelic drug. In fact, from the drug’s inception up until 1967 (when it became illegal), psychiatrists experimented with using LSD as a treatment for depression. LSD Treatment Testing in 2018 …

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Medicare Special Needs Plans

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What are Medicare Special Needs Plans? A Medicare Special Needs Plan, or SNP, is a Medicare Advantage plan that is designed to provide coordinated care for Medicare beneficiaries with special needs. SNPs are required to have an approved Model of Care (MOC) to ensure high-quality services and must seek approval every year. The requirements make SNPs a great option for …

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Medicare Terms To Know

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Medicare Terms To Know There’s nothing wrong with not knowing what certain words mean when you’re looking into healthcare. A lot of the terms and phrases are ones that you would never see anywhere else! Medicare and all its parts can be confusing, but that’s why we’re here. These are some of the Medicare terms that we want to help …