Introduction Course: New to Medicare

Welcome to Medicare 101

You've taken a great first step in preparing yourself for Medicare enrollment.

This course is designed to help you understand Original Medicare, how the Medicare parts work, ways to supplement Original Medicare, and, most importantly, how to enroll!

Getting started is easy!

  1. Review the information and videos in the slideshow
  2. Answer the questions that follow to test your knowledge.

Course Curriculum:

Pro Tips:

  • Use a desktop computer or a large tablet for the best experience.
  • The slides will automatically advance every 60 seconds. Need more time? Just hit "pause" and take all the time you need! You can also skip ahead using the arrows.
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Lesson 1: Original Medicare

Lesson one covers the basics. What is Medicare? What are Medicare Parts A and B? What do they cover, and what do they cost?

Lesson 2: Part C & Part D

Lesson two covers how to get prescription drug coverage as well as an explanation of Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans).

Lesson 3: Medicare Supplements

Lesson three covers Medicare Supplements, a way to get coverage for your Medicare costs.

Lesson 4: Leaving Your Employer Plan and Getting More Benefits

Lesson four is about enrolling in Medicare for the first time. Find out what happens to your employer coverage, what you should do if you’re still working when you become eligible for Medicare, and how you can add back benefits like dental and vision.

Lesson 5: WHEN and HOW to Enroll in Medicare

Lesson five covers the Medicare enrollment periods, how to sign up for Medicare for the first time, and how to switch plans or sign up for additional coverage.


You’ve successfully learned the basics of Medicare. What’s next?

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