Oh no! Tennessee YMCA's no Longer Working with SilverSneakers®

What does this mean for you?
  • Access to fewer fitness facilities
  • Less benefits for the same cost
  • It may be time to choose a different Medicare plan!

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What to do if you're losing your YMCA SilverSneakers® Benefit

SilverSneakers announced on Tuesday, September 17, that the Tennessee State Alliance of YMCAs decided to leave the SilverSneakers® network effective January 1, 2020, citing financial disagreement.

The alliance apologized, stating, “Seniors are a vital part of our membership, and we apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause. Tennessee Ys are committed to continuing to  serve seniors in our community.”

If you have SilverSneakers® but are no longer going to be able to visit a YMCA with your membership, all hope is not lost! You can:

  • Switch to a different gym
  • Pay for your own senior YMCA membership
  • Find a plan that has Silver & Fit® instead (another Medicare fitness program that is very similar to SilverSneakers® but still works with YMCAs as of September 2019)

Would you rather switch to Silver & Fit® to retain your YMCA benefits?

How to Switch to Silver & Fit®

If you decide that you would rather stick to a YMCA membership and do not want to try out some of the other SilverSneakers® locations options, a licensed agent can help you find a plan that includes Silver & Fit® instead.

Silver & Fit® is similar to SilverSneakers® and includes a digital resource library, home fitness kits, community activities, and several different fitness classes at various fitness centers in Tennessee.

To find a plan that includes Silver & Fit®, call 833-438-3676 or enter your zip code below. We’ll connect you with a licensed agent in your area who may be able to help you make the switch.

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