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NEW! Flexible Medicare Supplement Health Insurance

Anastasia Iliou General

NEW! Flexible Medicare Supplements Early this year, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) released new changes regarding Medicare and Medicaid benefits. One of the biggest and newest changes is increased flexibility in what plans are allowed to offer as “supplemental” Medicare benefits. The Introduction of “Daily Maintenance” Traditionally, health plans have not been allowed to include supplemental benefits that …

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Superfoods for Seniors

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Superfoods for Seniors The term “superfood” (a food rich in compounds and nutrients) has become increasingly popular in recent years. Superfoods contribute to a well-balanced diet and provide great health benefits. As you age, the following superfoods can provide missing nutrients in your diet and prevent medical issues. Superfood Vegetables Remember when your mom told you to eat your vegetables? …

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Safe Driving for Seniors

Anastasia Iliou General

Safe Driving for Seniors Did you know that approximately one in four drivers is a senior? As we age, our reaction times get slower, we naturally lose some mobility, and our senses weaken, making driving more dangerous. Safe driving for seniors is not much different from safe driving for younger adults. You should always wear your seatbelt, look over your …