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What You Can Do During Your Enrollment Period

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What You Can Do During Your Enrollment Period

As a Medicare beneficiary, you are entitled to three types of enrollment periods. The first is your IEP, or Initial Enrollment Period, and it happens in a seven-month window surrounding your 65th birthday. The second is an SEP, or Special Enrollment Period, and it requires special circumstances. The third is AEP, or the Annual Enrollment Period. AEP lasts from October 15 through December 7 each year. It is a period where all Medicare beneficiaries are allowed to make changes to their current plans or purchase new plans. AEP is just a few months away, so we’d like to share with you what you can do during your enrollment period.

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Review Your Benefits

You may not need to do anything during AEP. However, major insurance carriers usually change the benefits that they offer every year to improve and save money. It’s possible that a change in your plan benefits or your provider network will change how you feel about your plan. It’s a good idea to speak with an agent even if you don’t think you want to change your plan. A licensed agent can tell you about all the changes to your plan and help you decide whether or not it’s time for a change.

Make Changes

If you decide to make changes, your agent can help you:

Wait Until January

If you make changes to your plan during AEP, the changes will become effective on January first of the following year. That means you’ll have a month or two to find a new doctor (if necessary) and learn about all the benefits of your plan.

Remember that if you miss AEP, you won’t be able to make changes to your plan again until the following October (unless you have an SEP).

Get Started Now

You can set up an appointment with an agent to get ready for AEP today! To get started, call one of our experienced, licensed agents at 1-844-431-1832.