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How to Use Medicare Plan Finder

Medicare Plan Finder is a Medicare plan search tool and an educational resource for Medicare-eligible people. Here’s the best way to use our site:

  • STEP  ONE: Click through the “Medicare” tab and our blogs to get answers.
  • STEP TWO: Check out our Medicare plan finder tool to see plans in your area.
  • STEP THREE: Give us a call at 800-531-3748 or click here to request a call from a licensed agent.

Our licensed agents can answer any other questions you have and can show you all the different plan options that you may qualify for.  They are licensed to sell plans like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D, final expense life insurance, and more.

There is no cost to meet with our licensed agents, and there is never any obligation to buy. Looking for more information first?

Medicare Plan Finder

Does it Cost More to Buy From a Licensed Agent?


Your Medicare plan will never cost a penny more whether you purchase it from a licensed agent or elsewhere. In fact, using a licensed agent might be able to save you money. Our sales agents are trained to help you find the most affordable plan that makes the most sense for you and your unique needs.

How do I Know This Isn’t a Scam?

We understand your concern. Medicare Plan Finder and other legitimate resources will not ask for your Social Security Number or Medicare number before speaking with you. If someone who you do not know asks for your SSN or Medicare number, do not give out that information until you know that it is safe to do so.

Our licensed agents have all of their proper state licensing and certification documentation as required by the state departments of insurance. However, we know it can be uncomfortable to speak to someone about such personal matters. We can ease your fears by telling you why we ask for certain information: 

  • Zip Code: We require that you submit your zip code because Medicare plans are different in every zip code across the country. There is no one size fits all plan.
  • County: We may ask for your county because some zip codes fall into two different counties, and different counties can offer different plans, even if you live on the county line!
  • Email and Phone Number: We may collect your contact information so that our licensed agents can talk to you about finding the right healthcare plan, if that is something you choose to provide.
  • Eligibility Status: When we talk to you on the phone, we may ask for your birthday, your disability status, and whether or not you have other health insurance to find out if you qualify to enroll in a new Medicare plan.

Avoid Junk Mail

You may be receiving a lot of “junk mail” from people trying to sell you Medicare coverage. Instead of having your Medicare information mailed to you, meet with a licensed agent!

Our “Why”

Everything we do comes back to our “why.” Why do we work so hard every day? Why do we provide these services? It’s all because of our mission to serve the underserved. We aim to serve underserved Medicare beneficiaries as they work to understand Medicare and choose the best plan options for their needs. Medicare has a lot of moving parts, and it can be daunting to figure it all out on your own. That’s what we’re here for.

Our Origin Story

Our original founder, Jeff Pitta, was a Medicare agent himself. He saw a great need in the marketplace for a bias-free approach for individuals shopping Medicare plan solutions. He started our organization in 2007 in Nashville, TN. In 2017, we merged with Medicare Health Benefits out of Tucson, Arizona.

We’ve grown tremendously every year and have been steadily moving up the “Inc. 5000” list of the fastest growing companies in America. In 2018, we placed at number 1,279 nationally, a large jump from our placement of 3,758 in 2017. We were also placed at number seven for our city of Nashville and number 16 for the state of Tennessee.


Serving our Local Communities

Our organization and our employees strive to always consider our “why” in everything we do. We spend a lot of time giving back to our local communities. Most recently, we’ve been working with Borderlands Food Bank in Tucson, AZ to hand out free fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need, and our Nashville, TN office spent a day cleaning up the local state park, Radnor Lake.

We’re also working with an organization called Charity Water to provide clean drinking water to communities in developing countries around the world who would not otherwise have access.

Medicare Plan Finder | Food Bank Volunteers

Step 2. Find Plans With Confidence

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Step 2. Find Plans With Confidence


Step 2. Find Plans With Confidence


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I also agree that by submitting this Contact Request form, I am bound by Medicare Health Benefits, LLC Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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