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How To Switch Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap

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Switching Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap

Medicare Advantage and Medigap are similar in some ways but far different in others. Have you already enrolled in one but decided that it isn’t right for you and your health care needs? You can switch between Medicare Advantage and Medigap.

Why Change?

Medicare Advantage limits your doctor network, but Medigap gives you access to any doctor that accepts Medicare. Medigap plans also commonly offer additional coverage, like for foreign care or additional hospital days.

Medigap can save you more money than Medicare Advantage – some plans will cover deductibles and copays entirely. However, that means higher premiums. Medicare Advantage (MA) offers lower premiums and often includes Part D (prescription drug) coverage. MA plans sometimes include extra benefits like routine eye exams and fitness memberships.

Consider which of these benefits matters most to you before deciding if you should make the switch.

How To Switch

Once you’ve decided to switch, you have four separate time periods to do so. You are eligible to switch during your entire first year with your current plan, during the Annual Enrollment Period (from October 7th through December 15th), during the Open Enrollment Period (January 1st through March 31st), and during a special enrollment period (if you have one).

If you have a chronic health issue, changing BACK may be a problem for you, so be completely sure that you want to change before you initiate the process.

You may want to make sure that you are eligible for Medicare Advantage and that your costs won’t rise before you make the switch. Also, remember that your doctor may no longer be in your network if you change plans. Our agents can answer your questions and help you switch. Call 1-844-431-1832 today.

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