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The federal Medicaid program allows United States residents to access healthcare services and prescriptions that they may not have otherwise been able to afford. Each state has slightly different eligibility requirements and coverage. Over 25 percent of Mississippi residents receive Medicaid benefits. Will you be one of them?  

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What Does MS Medicaid Cover?

MS Medicaid members are eligible for coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, family planning, eyeglasses, long-term care, psychiatric care, prescriptions, and more. In most cases, members in 2019 have access to up to 36 home health visits per year, up to six prescriptions per month, and up to 16 physician visits per year (can change based on medical need).

MS Medicaid Transportation Services

To get MS Medicaid transportation services, you must have no other means of getting to and from the appointment. Non-Emergency transportation can only be used for getting to and from Medicaid-covered appointments. If you are part of a MississippiCAN Coordinated Care Organization, you’ll need to book your ride through your plan. Everyone else can call 1-866-331-6004 for bookings.

MississippiCAN Coordinated Care Organizations

A Coordinated Care Organization improves beneficiary access to doctors and services, improves care quality, and improves the overall efficiency of the Medicaid program. The Mississippi Divison of Medicaid (DOM) has implemented the Mississippi Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN) including Magnolia Health, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, and Molina Healthcare.

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Magnolia Health

In addition to coverage for eligible Medicaid services, Magnolia Health Plan has a rewards program that gives you another reason to stay healthy. Through “My Health Pays,” you’ll receive a Visa prepaid card. Rewards dollars will be added to your card every time you complete a healthy activity, like:

  • $20 for getting your annual flu vaccine
  • $25 for completing your health information form
  • $25 for your first well care visit
  • $20 for your adult annual well care visit
  • $30 for completing your annual comprehensive diabetes care
  • $20 for breast (ages 40-69) and cervical cancer (ages 21-64) screenings
  • $50 for completing your notification of pregnancy form within your first trimester ($25 if completed in the second trimester)
  • $20 for a postpartum doctor visit
  • $10 for infant and young child EPSDT visits (early and periodic screenings, diagnostics, and treatment)
  • $20 for EPSTD visits for ages 3-21.

You can use your card to shop for everyday items at Walmart, pay your utility bills, and pay for transportation, childcare, education, and rent. Certain products, like alcohol and tobacco, cannot be purchased with this card.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

The UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is one of the largest Medicaid plans in the nation. Their plan includes “extra” benefits like interpreters and translations for non-native speakers, routine immunizations, a 24-7 nurse line, urgent care, chiropractic services for qualifying members, and unlimited doctor visits. Uniquely, the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan also includes the “Farm to Fork” program, which allows you to pick up a bag of fresh produce every month.

On top of their Medicaid option, they also have a “dual complete” plan for those who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

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Molina Healthcare

Aside from the great medical and prescription drug benefits that Molina Healthcare offers for MississippiCAN members, they offer the following competitive rewards:

  • Attend six prenatal visits and receive a free Costco car seat
  • Visit your doctor within 21-56 days after having a baby for a $25 gift card
  • Get a $25 gift card when you take your kids ages 1-3 and 12-13 to all scheduled checkups
  • Get a free bike helmet or First Aid Only child ID kit when your kids ages 4-11 attend all scheduled checkups
  • Women who join during pregnancy get $25 when they attend their first visit and all scheduled second-trimester visits
  • Get a $25 gift card for qualifying mammogram services
  • Get a $25 gift card for getting yearly diabetic lab work and retinal eye exams
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables through local churches and organizations
  • Up to 10 weeks of online Weight Watchers services
  • Eligible members can get a Safelink Tracfone with free 24-7 communication with your Molina care manager, transportation, and community organizations as well as access to the HealthinHand app with appointment reminders

Mississippi Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid eligibility is based on household size and income, with these additional requirements:

  • Children cannot have additional health insurance coverage and qualify for the Mississippi Children’s Health Insurance Program (Medicaid)
  • Parents/caretakers must comply with child support to continue to receive benefits
  • A child born to a Medicaid-eligible mother will automatically receive Medicaid for one year.
  • Pregnant minors (under 19) can qualify regardless of family income
  • If you are working while disabled, your income cannot exceed 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and you must work at least 40 hours per month. If you earn more than 150 percent you will owe a monthly premium.
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income) beneficiaries are automatically eligible
  • Non-documented or non-qualified immigrants can only receive coverage for medical emergencies

Your income must match the chart below:

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How to Apply for Mississippi Medicaid

When you apply for Medicaid in Mississippi, you will need legal documentation for your whole family, like your Social Security numbers, birthdates, employer/income information, and health insurance policy numbers. You can apply for MS Medicaid online through Healthcare.gov or by downloading and electronically submitting the application. If you prefer, you can print and mail your application to the Office of Eligibility at the Division of Medicaid at 550 High St, Suite 1000, Jackson, MS 39201. You can also visit one of the Mississippi Medicaid offices (see below) and apply in person.

Mississippi Medicaid Offices

Need help with your application? The Mississippi Medicaid office in your county can answer any questions you have about applying and may be able to provide a paper application. The central Medicaid office for Mississippi is located in Jackson, at the Walter Sillers building (550 High Street, Suite 1000, Jackson, MS 39201). Click here for the site closest to you.

What is MS Medicaid Envision?

The Envision site includes links to various forms both for you and for your doctors. You cannot apply for MS Medicaid directly through MS Medicaid Envision.

How to get Both Medicare and Medicaid in Mississippi

Did you know that you can benefit from both Medicare AND Medicaid? While Medicaid is mostly for low-income individuals, Medicare is for aged or disabled individuals (regardless of income). You can qualify for Medicare if you are age 65 or older, if you have received Social Security Disability Income for at least 24 months, or if you are diagnosed with either End-Stage Renal Disease or ALS.

Once you determine whether or not you think you are eligible for both programs, you may want to speak to a licensed agent in your area. If you qualify for both programs, you may qualify for a dual-eligible special needs plan (DSNP). A DSNP is a form of Medicare Advantage, a Medicare plan that can provide benefits above and beyond what traditional Medicare covers. When you have a DSNP, you can have all your eligible benefits covered at little or no cost.

We have independent sales agents throughout the state of Mississippi who can help you look at all of your DSNP options and determine which is the best for you. Interested? Just click here or give us a call at 844-431-1832.

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