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on Florida Medicare.

Florida Medicare: The Ultimate Guide

Not only is Florida the fourth most populated state with well over 20 million residents, but it also has the second largest Medicare population, right behind California.

Since there are well over four million Medicare beneficiaries in the state of Florida, there are ample Medicare-related resources available to Florida residents. Let’s discuss your Florida Medicare options.

A Guide to Florida Medicare includes:

What are the Florida Medicare eligibility requirements?

Most people become eligible for Florida Medicare by aging-in to the program. You can apply starting from three months before your 65th birthday. Some people, however, may meet other Florida Medicare eligibility requirements. You can also get Medicare benefits if you are diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease).

Turning 65

What is the cost of Medicare in Florida?

Your Medicare costs will differ based on your individual needs and the plan you choose. If you stick to Original Medicare (Parts A and B only), the costs are relatively standard. If you worked for most of your life and paid Medicare taxes, you will not pay a premium for Part A. Otherwise, costs can reach up to $437 per month in 2019. The standard Part B premium for 2019 is $135.50 per month.

About Florida Medicare Plans

Every Florida resident will begin with Original Medicare. Original Medicare includes Part A, hospital coverage, and Part B, medical coverage. Once you have Original Medicare, you’ll need prescription drug coverage. You can purchase a Part D, or prescription drug plan, at any time (but you’ll be charged more if you wait too long).

If you’re looking for more coverage, Medicare Advantage plans in Florida (otherwise known as Part C) are great options. Medicare Advantage plans in Florida include Part A, Part B, and some include Part D. Some plans also include dental, vision, hearing, and even fitness benefits. If Medicare Advantage is more than you need, you may want to consider Florida Medicare Supplement plans (also called Medigap - more info below).

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Medicare Advantage Plans Florida

There are four main types of Medicare Advantage plans in Florida: HMO, PPO, PFFS, and SNP. SNP plans are for those with specific special needs, and PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) plans don’t require any specific doctors, but not many doctors will accept this type of plan. Most people will select either an HMO or PPO Florida Medicare Advantage plan.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans have specific provider networks designed to help save you money (but you’ll have to use a doctor within the network). HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans require that you select one doctor to use for all of your primary needs. With an HMO plan, to receive care from another doctor, you’ll need a referral from your primary physician.

Medicare Supplement Plans Florida (Medigap)

Florida Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) are sorted by letter: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Plan F will be going away soon, but those who enroll before the end of 2019 will be able to stay in their Plan F.

Florida Medicare Supplement plans are additions to your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). They provide coverage for your deductible, copayments, coinsurance, and copayments. Some Medigap plans can also provide prescription drug coverage, but it’s not as common as it is with Medicare Advantage plans.  

Can I have Medicare and Medicaid in Florida?

Yes! If you are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare in Florida, you can have both. In most cases, your Medicare coverage will provide coverage for services before your Medicaid coverage kicks in. If you do have both Medicare and Medicaid, you can qualify for a DSNP (Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan).

Save on drug costs

Additional Resources

Since Florida has the second highest population of Medicare-eligible people, it’s no wonder there are so many resources available for seniors and Medicare beneficiaries! Take a look and see if any of the below resources can be of use to you.

Florida Health Finder

Use the Florida Health Finder tool to find a provider in your area. You can search for anything from a hospital to a homemaker help service.

Florida Department of Veterans Affairs

You can find your local VA office here. Not only are there several Veterans Affairs offices throughout Florida, but the VA also has seven veteran nursing homes. To qualify to live in a Florida VA nursing home, you must be a Florida resident who was honorably discharged from service. You also must have a VA doctor sign off that you require skilled nursing care.

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Find a Ride Florida

If you need help getting to your doctor’s appointment or if you have another transportation need, Find A Ride Florida can help. You’ll just enter where you are and where you need to go, and check the boxes to indicate whether you are over 60, whether you need help getting in the vehicle, and whether or not you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The site will provide you with ride services that can get the job done for you.

Flu Shot Locator

This website lists all the places you can get a flu shot in Florida. Don’t forget that Medicare allows for one free wellness visit every year, and most plans include preventative services like flu shots! Take advantage of these services.

Florida Discount Drug Card

All Floridians are eligible for the Florida Discount Drug card. Just apply online! You can also use their website to search for participating pharmacies and check drug pricing.

Hospice Care Finder

Use the Hospice search tool to find Florida hospice care in your city.

How do I apply for Medicare in Florida?

You can apply for Original Medicare only by calling or visiting your local Social Security office or by visiting If you’re interested in enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans in Florida or Florida Medicare Supplement plans, you should meet with a licensed agent who can sell plans from multiple carriers in your area. That’s where Medicare Plan Finder comes in. We have agents who sell from every major carrier, so there is no bias when they help you find the plan that truly works for you and your needs.

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Florida Medicare Help

If you’re enrolling in Florida Medicare for the first time or if you have questions about your existing policy, we can help. We can help you find Medicare savings in Florida by figuring out what you are eligible for and then walking you through all of your options. If we find that you are already receiving the best possible coverage, we’ll let you know! We have your best interest at heart.

We have agents all throughout the state of Florida itching to help you. To set up your free, no-obligation appointment, request a call here or call us at 833-438-3676.

Medicare Plan Finder

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