Medicare Power of Attorney 101

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If you are a caregiver for your parent or loved one, you may not realize that you’re unable to make medical and financial decisions on their behalf until it’s too late. You don’t want to get caught in a tough situation and feel powerless. Fortunately, a power of attorney can help, but it’s crucial you understand the different types of POAs and common misconceptions. Types of Power of Attorney A lot of people don’t understand that a power of attorney …

How to Get Paid to be a Caregiver for Parents | Medicare Plan Finder

How to Get Paid to be a Caregiver for Parents

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There are close to 34 million Americans providing care for their parents, and many are not compensated for their time. The value that caregivers provide for “free” is estimated to reach $375 billion annually. That’s double the amount of what is actually spent on homecare services. Being a caregiver is rewarding, but it comes at a cost. The average caregiver spends 20 hours a week caring for their loved ones and spends an average of $5,500 each year out-of-pocket. At …

Medicare Dementia Care | Medicare Plan Finder

Medicare Dementia Care

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Dementia is a decline in mental capacity that becomes severe enough to hinder a person’s ability to function. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one-third of Americans die with some form of dementia. Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare) will cover everything that’s medically necessary for dementia patients, but many services won’t be covered. While Original Medicare dementia care is limited, certain Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for more services that can include unexpected offerings like meal delivery. Medicare Coverage …