Mother’s Day Health Tips to Share with Your Senior Mother

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Your mother has dedicated her life to caring for you, and as she ages, it’s time for the roles to reverse. The best gift any mother could ask for is for her children to be wonderful, caring adults! As you plan to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your mother, consider giving the gift of your support throughout the rest of her life.

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Whether your mom is at home, in a living facility, or a hospital, you can still enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day with her. If the weather is nice and she is able, take her for a walk! Sunshine strengthens the bones and the immune system and reduces stress while inducing feelings of happiness. You can also take her to a healthy brunch. Skip the sugary, syrupy pancakes and take your mom to a place where she can enjoy some fresh fruit with oatmeal or yogurt or opt for eggs and toast.

Top Women’s Health Concerns

Even if you don’t want to think about your mother’s aging and her health on Mother’s Day, think about selecting a day to discuss these topics with her. The top concerns that aging women face are:

Look for symptoms of these ailments in your mother, and educate her on what to look out for. Certain things, like breast swelling, brittle bones, muscle pain, and memory loss can be easy to spot. Depression is one of the ailments that is hardest to notice, especially when you don’t see a person often. Some people are really good at hiding their depression symptoms. When you don’t see your mother for a few weeks or even months, she might act like her normal self around you and then go home and sleep all day because she’s mentally exhausted. Keep your mother’s spirits up and help her fight depression by ensuring that she is engaging in hobbies and activities, keeping some sort of a social life, and keeping some sort of responsibility, like keeping a garden or a pet, or even just keeping the house clean.

Top Aging Women’s Health Tips

The best things your mother can do (and you, too!) as she ages are:

  • Eat healthy
  • Stay smart about medications
  • Manage existing health conditions
  • Get screened
  • Stay active

Eating healthy is always easier said than done as we are tempted by the snack aisle in the grocery store and the beautiful pastry display at Starbucks. Remind your mother to enjoy everything in moderation and keep superfoods like leafy greens, berries, and avocados in her diet.

Pay close attention to her doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions regarding medications. Help your mother avoid being one of the statistics for senior opioid abuse. On the same token, make sure your mother is taking her medications and properly managing her preexisting health conditions. Help her out by purchasing vitamins and supplements that she can take, making sure she is comfortable at home, and watching her sugar intake.

Seniors are likely to avoid trips to the doctor because they don’t have an easy way to get there or they simply forget to book their yearly appointment. Some don’t want to pay for it – but guess what? Medicare covers one yearly wellness exam at no cost to the patient. This is a good time for your mother to ask questions and a good time for her doctor to perform or schedule screenings for common ailments. Those screenings are usually covered, too, so there’s no excuse!

Lastly, make sure your mother is regularly taking walks and engaging in household chores to stay active.

Get Support While you Take Care of Mom

Providing care for a loved one is no easy task, but you are not alone. Caregiver support groups throughout the country can answer your questions, give you advice, and allow you to interact with other caregivers just like you. Consider reaching out to the Family Caregiver Alliance, a group that has worked since the late ’70s to support people like you. You can also reach out to the Caregiver Action Network. They are located in D.C. and spend a lot of time advocating for caregiver rights and laws.

We’ve put together information on caregiver networks and some of our own advice for taking care of your loved ones, here. We specialize in Medicare plans, so if your mother or someone else you know needs help finding a plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to Medicare Plan Finder. We work with all of the major plans so there is no bias and you are never obligated to buy. If you are the “Power of Attorney” for your mother, we can speak directly to you about her healthcare plans.

We hope you enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day this year and we hope to speak with you soon regarding your or your mother’s care.

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