Beginners Guide to SilverSneakers |

Beginner’s Guide to SilverSneakers

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Beginner’s Guide To SilverSneakers SilverSneakers, in a nutshell, is a fun exercise program designed exclusively for older adults. It is a fitness benefit found in many leading Medicare insurance plans that help provide guidance as well as convenient group exercise classes to improve general fitness, strength, flexibility, and walking ability for older adults. The program’s social events can also help …

What is Medigap Insurance? |

What is Medigap Insurance?

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Learning About Medigap Insurance If you’re looking for an example of a large government program that’s difficult to understand, look no further than Medicare. contains hundreds of pages of information – few of which are easy reading. At, we encourage you to learn all you can, but ultimately, it is fare safer to get help from a pro. …